2022 Courtenay Municipal Election Results

Oct 19, 2022

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, eligible voters in Courtenay cast ballots to elect: 1 Mayor 6 Councillors 2 School District Trustees for Courtenay (School District No. 71) Below you will find those results as stated on the City of Courtenay's website.
Bob Wells

Mayor, City of Courtenay

View the results of the 2022 Municipal Election for the City of Courtenay

2022 Local Government Elections

Preliminary Election Results


Name Number of votes cast
WELLS, Bob 3277 Elected
ERIKSSON, Erik 1801
DOWKER, Aaron 751


Name Number of votes cast
HILLIAN, Doug 3067 Elected
COLE-HAMILTON, Will 3066 Elected
JOLICOEUR, Evan 3049 Elected
MCCOLLUM, Melanie 2920 Elected
MORIN, Wendy 2868 Elected
FRISCH, David 2448 Elected
DAY, Brennan 2223
LIN, Jin 2150
THEOS, Manno 2118
WINCHESTER, Starr 2056
SIMKIN, Deana 1479
ADAMS, Phil 977
GILBERT, Michael 796
CHMURYK, Steffan 702
NORTHCOTT, Lyndsey 684

SCHOOL TRUSTEE for Courtenay – Trustee Electoral Area 1

Name Number of votes cast
ALDINGER, Shannon  2992 Elected
CATON, Janice  1985 Elected
WILLARD, Jasmine 1702
DEVRIES, Anita 1168