Mayoral Activities Oct 22 – Nov 4

Oct 25

  • Liquid Waste Management
  • Lewis Park Ball Diamond Opening – Legacy to remind those playing Baseball to wear helmets
  • Inaugural Finance Meeting
  • Poppy Flag Raising in memory of Veterans – Get your poppy
  • BC Shellfish Growers Association AGM

Oct 26

  • Thanks to Will for doing the Keynote for the Sustainability Conference
  • Chamber of Commerce Trade Show in Comox

Oct 29

  • Last meeting as Chair of the Comox Valley Regional District
  • Interesting to see one of the variances we voted on was clear that since it was in the flood plain engineers had to sign off on its use and it was clear that there would be no financial assistance in the event of flooding

Oct 30th

  • Groundbreaking of the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project

Oct 31

  • Meeting with the RCMP Superintendent
  • Discussed issues successes and challenges in Courtenay

Nov 1

  • OCP inaugural meeting
  • Great to see the committed members of our community help build a vision for Courtenay.

Nov 3

  • 44th Annual Comox Valley Child Development Telethon
  • Thanks to all of council for donations
  • An amazing event with live entertainment and awesome community support

Nov 4

  • Clever Raven Aboriginal Head Start Daycare Opening Ceremony at the Wachiay Friendship Centre
Bob Wells

Mayor, City of Courtenay