Smart City Initiatives

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Focus points, News and Events, Platform

Having worked on the bleeding edge of technology for nearly 30 years I know the latest fad is not always the best option for our community. I recognize that technology does not always have the same value for face to face communication and boots on the ground, but will find the balance to give our community the best bang for the buck.

I am excited that our staff have embraced technology where it makes sense to communicate via social media and websites, utilize SCADA systems to better monitor and control our water/sewer systems, install solar panels to reduce electrical costs and even use apps to help remind us about our garbage collection dates. 

As your Mayor I will continue to pursue technologies to reduce costs, increase transparency and collaboration, and ensure we are using best in class systems to ensure the services we provide are running smoothly and efficiently. 

Bob Wells