Open and Collaborative Governance

I know my biases and work hard to understand those with opposing views to create collaborative outcomes. Over the past 4 years I’ve seen the consequences of not listening which erodes trust and respect. I am passionate, but not polarizing. I advocate for my principles, but am not antagonistic.

As your Mayor I will remain accessible and create a culture of collaboration and cooperation.

Bob Wells

Courtenay Council Meeting Highlights for December 12

Courtenay City Council meetings have moved. Meetings take place in the Comox Valley Regional District Civic Room, 770 Harmston Avenue, unless otherwise stated. The public may view Council meetings either in person or via livestream on the City of Courtenay YouTube Channel. The meeting duration will vary according to the agenda.

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Courtenay Council Meeting Highlights for November 21

This update covers highlights from the November 21, 2022, Council meeting. If there’s something from the meeting that you’d like more detail on, the full agendas, video and minutes (when available) of each meeting are posted on our Council Meetings page.

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